Training in communication skills completed in Podgorica and Bijelo Polje

A total of 60 candidates from Central, Northern and Southern region acquainted with the communication world

Total of 60 candidates from entire Montenegro have completed their first round of training in the communication area. By entering the communication world, during past two weekends, they have gained basic presentation skills, learned how to function in team and how to best resolve a conflict in the team. Candidates have also acquired the skills for online communication through theoretical lectures and practical exercises. An interview simulation has helped to create a good basis for young unemployed people on how to make a great first impression and present their qualities during their encounter with the employer.

Expectations of Aleksandar Bulatović from Mojkovac, one of the selected candidates, were reached. “Apart from the many details that I have learned, which are important in order to present myself in best manner possible, I would also commend both the professional and friendly relation of lecturers. Also, the interaction between us – listeners and lecturers, was on a very high level, which leads to conclusion that the presentations and manner of presentation were both very interesting and appealing. Therefore, I am truly happy for having the honour to be a part of this group and this training, thereby to expand my knowledge and views in this area”, stated Aleksandar Bulatović.


Petar Đukanović, CCE programme coordinator, reminds that this is highly competitive programme which received nearly 400 applications, thus makes binding organisers in terms of the provision of quality trainings and practice. “We are very satisfied with the devotion of selected candidates and their willingness to improve the knowledge and skills necessary in order to find jobs more easily. I believe that this was also stimulating for the excellent team of Represent who have carried out the first set of trainings and shared their expertise with these young people. We continue with trainings and we believe that this programme could become a model for the provision of much needed skills and knowledge to young people”, Đukanović assessed.

Apart from the training in communications, throughout the two other modules during this month, candidates will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in developing and managing projects funded by the European Union, as well as to learn how to write policy papers. Once the training is completed, they will be able to apply the knowledge obtained with the employers who match their profile, from four sectors – state administration, media, companies and NGO sector. Start of working practice is planned for the beginning of May 2017.

This project is financed by the European Union in Montenegro, through the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU) of Ministry of Finance. Project is supported within donor programme “Young people, women and long-term unemployed in the labour market”, through broader framework of Active measure of work for employability (Operational Programme of Human Resources Development 2012-2013), with Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as its main beneficiary.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate