Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption – CALL FOR JOINING

Centre for Civic Education (CCE)



interested civil society organisations (CSO) to join

the Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption at the local level

Focus of work of Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption will be monitoring and improvement of existing policies and mechanisms for prevention and fight against corruption at the local level in various areas. In this regard, members of Coalition will monitor and analyse the application and effects of legal, strategic and other documents at the local level, prepare reports and advocate for proposed solutions for improvement of system of fight against corruption.

Invitation for joining the Coalition for Transparency and Fight against Corruption is for a limited number of CSOs with track record in conducting projects and initiatives in the area of transparency, accountabioity of authoriries and fight against corruption, and CSOs of various level of development and from various parts of Montenegro are encouraged to apply.

Let's put corruption into museum

For selected organisations, members of Coalition, advanced trainings on methods of fight against corruption at the local level i.e. on monitoring of realization of key documents, functionality of mechanisms for participation in the process of decision-making and support to civic initiatives, production of advocacy plans and activity plans will be organized. Furthermore, regular meetings of Coalition will also be organized to prepare joint activities and positions in relation to relevant documents.

Interested civil society organisations shall send letter of interest, including basic information on organisation and references, on email by 20 February 2018, and should the need arise, they can acquire additional clarifications in the same manner.

Upon the expiration of the deadline, all organisations will be notified in written regarding their application.

Coalition is being formed within the project «Let’s put corruption into museum!» that CCE implements in cooperation with NGO Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), NGO Bonum from Pljevlja, NGO UL-Info from Ulcinj and NGO Za Druga from Petrovac, with associates Ministry of Public Administration and Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC), and with the financial support of the EU Delegation to Montenegro. It represents a third phase of a broader CCE’s programme aiming to contribute to reduction of corruption at the local level.