Education against Discrimination

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) has organised, from 17 to 19 October, in Podgorica, training on discrimination for professionals working in the area of education, which is an integral part of the project 360° Full Circle for Human Rightswhich aims to contribute to reduction of discrimination and promotion of tolerance and respect for human rights in Montenegro.

Three-day intensive programme designed as combination of theoretic and interactive and workshop work, aimed to better introduce the teachers and other professionals who work in education (professional services, management of schools, parents’ council, professional bodies and actives) with the modern concept of human rights and discrimination. Furthermore, training has offered also certain guidelines as to how these topics can be adequately addressed in everyday work with pupils within the formal education system.

CGO - Obrazovanjem protiv diskriminacije

20 participants from 14 Montenegrin municipalities have had opportunity to, in direct communication with representatives of institutions and organisations who advocate for rights of vulnerable and marginalised groups, get introduced with the most serious challenges which these groups are facing, and to jointly consider in what manners education can contribute to preventing discrimination and contributing to the respect of human rights of these groups.Series oflecturers directly worked with, as follows: Sergej Sekulovic, Lawyer and Vice President of Association of Lawyers of Montenegro, Angela Longo, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Podgorica, Aleksandra Popovic, Advisor in Directorate for Improvement and Protection of Human Rights at the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights,Snezana Mijuskovic, Deputy Protector of Human Rights and Freedom, Biljana Maslovaric, Executive Director of Pedagogical Centre of Montenegro, Radmila Stupar Djurisic, Psychologist, Jovan Ulicevic, Executive Director of NGO Spectra, Hana Konatar, Coordinator for Community Development in NGO Spectra,Natasa Borovic, President of Alliance of Association of Paraplegics of Montenegro,Elvis Berisa, founder of NGO Phiren Amenca/Walk With Us and Maja Raicevic, Executive Director of Centre for Women’s Rights.

Participants of the training were presented also with guidelines for work on prevention and overcoming of discrimination, Education against Discrimination, in which terms of discrimination and its various manifestations are in detail clarified, as well as roles and responsibilities of actors of educational process. Also, the guide offered an insight into legislative and institutional framework which is protecting the citizens against discrimination and violation of human rights, with description of procedure for processing the cases, as well as overview of the most important international documents and standards in this area. Overall objective of this guidelines is to contribute to development, as well as to inspire and cherish, antidiscrimination culture through education as supporting resource material for the work with youth.

Project 360° Full Circle for Human Rights is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, and the CCE is implementing it in the partnership with NGO ATAK from Podgorica, BELDOCS from Belgrade and Human Rights House form Zagreb, in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Institution of Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro and NGO Juventas.

Milos Knezevic, PR/Programme Associate