Deny us by submitting the requested information

With yesterday’s unsigned reaction of the management of the University of Montenegro (UoM) on the announcement of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) we got another ‘packed nothing’ by rector.

UoM’s reaction is an attempt to convince the public that UoM operates legally but this was not the subject of the CCE’s announcement. We have expressed serious concern over the fact that a person who systematically promotes non-transparency is being re-elected for the position of rector and substantiated this with clear example.

If everything is so great at the UoM, why is Rector Danilo Nikolić hiding the documentation that would confirm that? Why rector did not publicly all the requested documentation or directly submitted it to us instead of sending statement without content, as this would be the best denial of our allegations?

The purpose of the Free Access to Information Law is to provide effective access to requested information. The UoM confirmed that the information requested by the CCE are in the possession of that institution. However, it is disputable and worrying that the requested information, from which we could draw conclusion about the legality or illegality of the UoM’s work, are not sent.

Hence, we urge again the Government of Montenegro to publically explain why the Rector who is hiding this documentation is supported by the Managing Board, which includes representatives of the Government.

Snežana Kaluđerović, Senior Legal Advisor