The Ministry of Education accepted the CCE’s initiative

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received a positive response from the Ministry of Education concerning the Initiative for the improvement of teaching process related to the topic of anti-fascism and anti-fascist heritage to prevent the spread of non-institutional and anti-fascism unscientific disclaimer , sent last week.

The CCE emphasizes that is necessary thorough assessment of all challenges within the curricula and plans, teaching materials and methodology, in teaching about anti-fascism. Furthermore, the CCE stresses that their improvement is a key mechanism for confronting modern challenges that want to mark this legacy as dissonant, which is especially important in societies like Montenegrin.

In this context, we welcome the strong commitment of the Ministry of Education to make additional efforts in the direction of methodological and content enrichment of subjects dealing with anti-fascism and its heritage. Also, it is positive that the Ministry of Education takes the position that continuous work on the affirmation of the anti-fascist heritage should be an obligation of all social actors.

In accordance with the invitation of the Ministry to consider in a direct dialogue all the possibilities for further implementation of our Initiative, we hope to have meetings, within a reasonable timeframe, at which we would discuss this in more detail and to establish a model of cooperation in the public interest of the affirmation of anti-fascism within Montenegrin society.

Miloš Vukanović, advisor