The victory of the idea that human rights belong to everyone

The Coalition “Together for LGBT Rights” congratulates LGBTIQ persons on the adoption of the Law on Same Sex Life Partnership.

We welcome the decision of the Parliament of Montenegro to adopt the Draft Law.

We thank all the MPs who voted that persons belonging to sexual minorities can also make official life together with the person they love.

We thank the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, as the proposer of this Law, and with whose support and commitment the legal recognition of same-sex partnerhship has become a reality.

The adoption of this Law is a victory for the idea that human rights belong to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or other characteristics.

By adopting the Law, Montenegro contributes to the respect of human rights and introduction of European values.

Therefore, we hope that this step forward that Montenegro has made in the field of human rights will be just the beginning of full acceptance of LGBTIQ people in Montenegrin society with the enjoyment of the same rights based on the principle of equality and equity.

On behalf of the coalition “Together for LGBT Rights”, the statement is signed by:

Queer Montenegro
Human Rights Action (HRA)
Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
Spectra Association
Ministry of Culture
Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CDNGO)
LBTQ Women’s Association “Stana”
SOS telephone Nikšić
Montenegrin Women’s Lobby
NGO Juventas
Institute Alternative