Citizens to check if their signature of support is regularly recorded or abuseed

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points out that the State Election Commission (SEC) has created a special link on its website – At that link, citizens can check if they are on the list of support for any of the confirmed electoral lists for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 30 August 2020.

We call on all citizens to take advantage of this opportunity and by simply entering their unique identification number to check whether they have been duly recorded, if they have given a signature, or their signature has been misused.

In case they see that their signature and personal data have been misused to support a certain list, we encourage these citizens to file a criminal complaint to the competent state prosecutor’s office against the list that misused their signature of support.

The CCE will also provide free legal support to all persons who request it via email and assist them in the process of writing and filing criminal charges with the competent state prosecutor’s office. Also, the CCE encourages citizens to publicly communicate such examples of misuse of their signatures.

Damir Suljević, programme associate