Political elites have a duty to sanction every type of violence

On the occasion of the International Day of Non-Violence – 2 October, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) calls for all social actors to use their influence to protect the culture of cohabitation, peace and dialogue.  

The events of the last months have increased pressure in society. More than half a year of pandemics, economic uncertainty and restrictions, represent a serious burden to the society, and these have been strenghtened by political and identity tensions. The national or religious incidents, as well as the increase of domestic violence, need to be an alarm for political leaders to correct their tone. It is about time for the retirement of aggressively populist and radically religious vocabulary and the prioritization of constructive and realistic language.  

CCE is pointing out that the new government, and the opposition as well, must keep in mind that the existing tolerance mechanisms in Montenegrin society have their limitations. Even though the current political crisis is a consequence of wrong political decisions over a long time frame, the responsibility for the escalation of violence belongs to all political leaders.

We must prevent a culture of aggression from once again ruling over the Montenegrin society.  This is why we always raise the problem of non-sanctioning the inspirators and the people responsible for the crimes committed during the 90s.

On this occasion, the CCE reminds on the UN Charter which insists on a peaceful and non-violent approach to social issues and problems. The principles of the UN Charter call for non-violent forms of communication, on mechanisms which decrease violence, as well for the duty of competent institutions to sanction severely any form of behavior that encourages violent actions, especially those directed at women, minorities and journalists.

On 15 June 2007, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence, at the birthday of Mahatma Gandi, and as an opportunity “for the dissemination of the message of non-violence”, by resolution which reaffirms the “universal importance of non-violence principles”.

Miloš Vukanović, Advisor