Civic Activism School

        Centre for Civic Education (CCE) announces a call for

Civic Activism School
– with the focus on persons with disabilities –

Programme of the Civic Activism School  with a focus on persons with disabilities consists of sessions that are a combination of lectures, interactive work through workshops and simulations, as well as film screenings with accompanying discussions. The sessions will be held once a week for an hour and a half for 3 months.

Eligible candidates have to be 18 and over, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or personal convictions, with the indication that advantage will be given to those who demonstrate a high level of civic and social activism, as well as applicants who express willingness to contribute to the fight for equality of the persons with disabilities (PWD). Half of the participants of the Civic Activism School will be members of the PWD community and half of the general population.

Civic Activism School is dedicated to increasing of social inclusion of persons with disabilities within Montenegrin society. The programme is aimed at strengthening the potential of persons with disabilities for political and civic activism in Montenegrin society, but also at raising awareness of PWD and the general public about the danger of prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination and exclusion of PWD. Eminent lecturers from various social spheres and with different expertise will work with selected participants.

In addition to broad theoretical and practical knowledge about the concept of civic and social activism and rights, the school also affirms economic, social and cultural rights, democracy and the rule of law, as well as the possibility of personal participation in civic and political activism, advocacy for rights, civic initiatives, etc.

Organisation of lectures and other related activities linked to the programme of the Civic Activism School are covered by the CCE, within the project „Equality for all – discrimination NO!“ with the support of the  Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights. Detailed information about the School programme shall be given to applicants who will be invited to School upon the selection process, based on the assessment of applications.

Interested candidates can apply by filling the application form and sending it to the e-mail, with the subject „For Civic Activism School“. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2021 until 16h00. Applications sent after the deadline shall not be considered. The decision about applications will be made by the Commission that will inform all the applicants about the result of the competition.