Antifascism in Montenegro – between political trend and educational policy

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Authors: Milos Vukanovic, Igor Radulovic, Tamara Milas

Publishing year: 2018

Fascism is an evil with many faces. Its manifestation forms can be recognized even in societies of developed democracy, and in societies that have emerged or are emerging from the authoritarian and totalitarian forms of the rule, Fascism still has many manifestations. The actuality of the fight against Fascism coincides with the effects of the global economic crisis, which is just one of the favourable ambient for Fascism ‘to get a chance’. Digestible and shallow in its expression, Fascism relatively easily mobilizes social dissatisfaction by offering simple, malefic solutions.

Fascism must be studied in a continuity, because from its appearance until today, Fascism survives by adapting its evil to the base passions of society. Therefore, it must be taught in schools, with an approach that will contribute to understanding the depth of this pestilence. Fascism is not only a great evil past, Fascism is a smouldering and constant danger.

Also, attention should be paid to those who make a fetish from the anti-fascist struggle. Instead of affirmation of the civic concept of society and anti-fascist values, political demagogy is thus being introduced. And demagogy is also the fuel of Fascism. This warns how much this leviathan is a tough opponent, this rider of evil precisely through the demographic matrix presents itself as a knight of salvation.