Judgements of the European Court for Human Rights related to Montenegro

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Editor: Petar Đukanović

Publishing year: 2015

Given the fact that Montenegro is in the process of negotiations with the European Union, that reforms of society are needed in order to meet the criteria and obtain status of full member, and that those reforms are not carried out either easy or in smooth manner, we have come up with the idea to combine passed verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in relation to Montenegro and thus to provide certain contribution to the establishment of rule of law. Negotiations regarding Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental rights) represent the backbone of Montenegro's progress in meeting numerous standards related to depoliticisation and professionalization of state institutions, as well as the strict implementation of laws harmonised with the acquis communitaire, which has to provide legal security and certainty, or rule of law, as a final result. Full implementation of law greatly depends on the character and range of reform of judiciary system of Montenegro. In that respect, ECHR’s verdicts represent source of law and clear guidelines for Montenegrin judiciary system, which is recognised also by constitutional provisions.