Probation in the sistem of execution of criminal sanctions of Montenegro

About publication

Author: mr Milorad Marković

Publishing year: 2014

Alternatives to short-term imprisonment lies in increased humanity and economics of the execution of criminal sanctions, with perspective of positive influence to rehabilitation and re-socialization of convicted persons.

They are, by their nature penalties, which should be distinguished from measures that may be imposed in the process of disposal of criminal prosecution by the State Prosecutor. They may be qualified as: Measures modifying execution of the deprivation of liberty sentence (house arrest and conditional release); Measures of warning as the alternative to sentence of the liberty deprivation (suspended sentence and judicial admonition); and other penalties as alternatives to liberty deprivation sentence (a fine, a community service, confiscation of driver’s license).

The publication is part of the project "System of short-term penalties of deprivation of liberty and alternative sanctions in Montenegro", implemented by the Institute for Legal Studies, funded by the European Union through the Center for Civic Education (CGO) and the Civic Initiative (GI).