Prevent or cure corruption: Your call!

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Corruption is a negative phenomenon that erodes the value system, undermines the state as a social community and causes material damage to the budget funded by taxpayers.

Therefore, it is highly important that all parts of society actively engage in the fight against corruption and any other form of illegal conduct of public officials and employees, but also other subjects.

All of us, as citizens, have the opportunity to report cases of corruption and illegal conduct to the Administration for Inspection Affairs. Thus, we are helping to establish a system in which law applies equally to everyone, by initiating preventive action by the Administration for Inspection Affairs, or by ensuring, where necessary, a repressive response. By improving the work of the Administration, we can contribute to its professionalisation, and help it to regain the trust of all citizens whose interests it should unreservedly serve.

Administration for Inspection Affairs is one of the mechanisms closest to the citizens in the fight against omnipresent corruption. And we, as conscientious citizens, by our proactive attitude towards the Administration for Inspection Affairs, can significantly help the fight against corruption, already at the “first step”.

The project "Through Inspection against the Corruption" is implemented through the Criminal Justice Civil Society Program (CJCSP), which is funded by U.S. Embassy in Podgorica, State Department´s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).