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Authors: Mira Popović, Daliborka Uljarević, Matej Babič

Publishing year: 2018

In the landscape of Montenegrin higher education institutions, which do not stand out on any dimension of contemporary education, the lack of transparency is an additional cause for concern, especially taking into account more visible trend of “raising walls” around universities.

So far, there were no researches of transparency of higher education institutions in Montenegro that could offer overview of these institutions’ attitude to transparency based on indicators, as well as of the availability of information on their websites, which are the main source of such information to the public.

Hence, this study has twofold objective: to offer an overview of the current state of affairs with regard to availability of information on university websites and to provide the starting point for monitoring future progress. The overall purpose is to improve the quality of education, to which transparency is essential.

Higher education institutions have the public responsibility to provide educational services, and there is no reason to keep any information about their functioning secret.

This report is part of the project “Public money, public access – how transparent are higher education institutions in Montenegro?” implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) with support of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.