Controlled chaos in regulation of electronic media – Work of Agency for Electronic Media

About publication

Lead author: Goran Đurović

Co-author: Daliborka Uljarević

Publishing year: 2019

The Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) is regulatory body in charge for the area of audiovisual media services and exercising public authorities as per Electronic Media Law.

The Law is positioning the AEM as independent from any organ of the public sector and from all legal and private entities dealing with production and broadcasting of radio and television programme or offering other audio-visual media services. It was established in 2003, after entry into force of the Broadcasting Law as the Agency for Broadcasting, and since 2010, i.e. since adoption of the Electronic Media Law, it continues to work under the name of Agency for Electronic Media.

The founder of the AEM is state, and the founding rights on behalf of the state are exercised by the Council, in accordance with the Law. In addition to Council, the governing organ is also Director of AEM.

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