Employment in Montenegrin municipalities – merit or party based?

About publication

Authors: Jovana Marović, Milena Milošević, Dina Bajramspahić

Publishing year: 2014.

Through the analysis „Employment in Montenegrin municipalitiesmerit or party based?“, Institute Alternative continues monitoring of the implementation of public administration reform in Montenegro, focusing on the local level, after publishing of several publications and monitoring reports dealing with reform processes in state administration bodies.The analysis has been prepared within the project „Corruption at the local level- zero tolerance!”, and the project focused on identification of the key issues at the local level in the areas of high risk for corruption.

The starting point are key challenges for the reform of civil service at the local level, followed by the analysis of the problems Montenegrin municipalities are facing in human resource management. In accordance with the framework of the project, special attention was given to the capacities for management of human resources in 14 municipalities. In order to throw light on the dynamics of local government reform, key strategic documents and legislative framework regulating the field of the civil service system in Montenegro have been analyzed.

This publication is a part of project „Corruption at the local level- zero tolerance!“, implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) in cooperation with the Institute Alternative (IA), NGO Bonum and NGO Nada, financed by the Delegation of the EU to Montenegro and co-financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.