Good neighbor – Montenegro and regional cooperation

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Authors: Vladimir Vučković, Miloš Vukanović, Mira Popović

Publishing year: 2020

Three decades since the fall of communism and two decades since the last conflicts have been traumatic for the region. Although all economies, at least nominally, have fitted their functioning into modern economic flows, the prolonged transition, the legacy of the previous regime and conflicts, as well as unresolved social challenges continue to place a heavy burden on the countries of the region. Lagging behind the European Union (EU) average is obvious in almost all aspects of life and it will take a lot of time, effort and investment to bring the region closer to the EU standards. The trauma that region has experienced in recent decades is most visible in emigration, and the consequences of the so-called brain drain is to be felt.

Good neighbourly relations and dedicated work on improving regional cooperation are important European integration links of all countries aspiring to EU membership. Stability in the region and strengthening the rule of law are the conditions for the Europeanization and modernization of these societies and the preconditions for the EU accession that these countries have to satisfy.

The views and opinions in this analysis „Good neighbor - Montenegro and regional cooperation“ are partialy expressed in the “EU’s Failure in Europeanizing Montenegro”, doctorial thesis of the main author, defended at Masaryk University in 2018.