How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising?

About publication

Publishing year: 2013.

The project “How much and to whom do the citizens of Montenegro pay for advertising” is part of the sub-programme Media and Democracy of the Centre for Civic Education and it aims to raise awareness about the ways in which the taxpayers’ money is being spent by public institutions, and increase their accountability in this  regard. The specific objective of the project is to examine the relations between public institutions and the Parliament and various media in Montenegro, based on the allocation of service contracts, as well as to see if any changes occurred in this area compared to 2011.

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) collected the data between 11 January and 19 February 2013, making use of the provisions of the Law on Free Access to Information. The data refer to all media, PR agencies, polling agencies and production companies that the Government of Montenegro and its bodies, as well as the Parliament, engaged during 2011 on the basis of several types of service contracts.

In the course of data analysis, the research team took into consideration the type of contract, as well as the total amounts paid for media services by each institution included in the study. It should be stressed that this study only covers one part of public funds that is spent on the media, PR agencies, agencies for public opinion research and production companies within various arrangements, it only examines the amounts allocated by central bodies of the Government and the Parliament of Montenegro.