Through whose eyes does the RTCG represent the Montenegrin reality?

About publication

Author: mr Damir Nikočević

Publishing year: 2016

The project “Through whose eyes does the RTCG represent the Montenegrin reality?” was designed within the sub programme Media and democracy of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) in order to raise awareness about the role of a public broadcaster and promote one of its most important tenets – objective and balanced reporting. To that end, this analysis offers an overview of the appearances of representatives of political parties, public institutions and state administration bodies, unions, businesses, non-governmental organisations and academic community, in the news and analysis programmes of the RTCG. The timeframe adds further value to this analysis, as it focuses on the years following the changes in the editorial structure of the RTCG and ahead of the upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections: a period in which the public broadcaster RTCG has an even greater responsibility to provide information to the public in a professional manner.

Declaration on freedom of expression and information of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe binds its member states, including Montenegro, to foster plurality of opinion: “…states have the duty to guard against infringements of the freedom of expression and information and should adopt policies designed to foster as much as possible a variety of media and a plurality of information sources, thereby allowing a plurality of ideas and opinion.”