Urban planning in Montenegro: construction and payoffs?

About publication

Authors: Boris Marić, Mirko Bošković, Borislav Vukićević

Publishing year: 2014.

The analysis “Urban planning in Montenegro: construction and payoffs” has been prepared in the framework of the project Corruption at the local level- zero tolerance!, in order to reveal one of the cornerstones of corruption at the local level- urban planning and to encourage decision makers to take concrete actions so as to protect the public interest. Therefore, this analysis presents a set of causes and effects due to which this area is still normatively unfinished, deficient in human resources and represents a high risk for the occurrence of corruption, and at the same times gives illustrative examples of individual cases and practices of local self-governments which have led and still lead to budgetary imbalances, inadequate management of urban construction land, as well as unsystematic dynamics of adoption and harmonization of planning documents which are under the jurisdiction of the local self-governments.

This publication is a part of project „Corruption at the local level- zero tolerance!“, implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) in cooperation with the Institute Alternative (IA), NGO Bonum and NGO Nada, financed by the EU Delegation to Montenegro and co-financed by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.