Work of prosecutions and courts in fight against corruption at the local level

About publication

Author: Bojan Bozovic, MA

Publishing year: 2019

Corruption is a social problem which has existed since ancient times and which is devouring the society from inside at various levels.

It is a problem that exists in all modern societies. The perception of citizens, both laic and professional public, is that corruption in Montenegrin society exists at a worrying level, which has spread to the extent that it creates negative matrixes of relations in everyday life. The consequences of this are felt both through moral aspects in the form of ‘distorted consciousness and system of values’, as well as through legal, economic and other parameters.

Although corruption exists in society from ancient times, all societies in a principle are always negating the existence of corruption and corruptive practise in general. Especially their holders of public functions and official ‘statistics’. Un-readiness of authorised institutions to deal with problem is certainly one of the most important ailments.

The report is a part of the project ‘Let’s Put Corruption into Museum!’ realised by Centre for Civic Education (CCE) in partnership with NGO Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), NGO Bonum from Pljevlja, NGO UL-Info from Ulcinj and NGO For A Friend from Petrovac, in cooperation with Ministry of Public Administration and Agency for Prevention of Corruption (APC), and is financed by the European Union.