III call for proposals for the support for projects of civil society organisations (CSO) in Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) within the project
 CSOs in Montenegro – from basic services to policy shaping – M’BASE project



for the support for projects of civil society organisations (CSO) in Montenegro

Project proposals, which should contribute to the successful EU integration process of Montenegro by empowering the civil society participation in decision-making processes and implementation of reforms, as well as strengthening partnerships between CSOs, but also CSOs and local authorities, shall be submitted no later than 13 October 2022 do 16h00.

In order to be eligible for a grant, CSOs must fulfil criteria as follows:

  • be a legal person;
  • be non-profit-making;
  • be registered in Montenegro at least 12 months before the deadline for submission of project proposals and that they have their headquarters in Montenegro;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project.

Applications must be submitted with filled: Application form, Budget Proposal and Logical Framework Matrix (only for 3rd category). Please read carefully detailed Guidelines prior to filling these forms.

A comprehensive capacity-building programme in project management, strengthening visibility of these project activities and conducting public and advocacy campaigns, as well as monitoring of public institutions at the local and national level, will be provided to supported CSOs.

Applications, along with the accompanying technical documentation, shall be sent to the e-mail address: MBASE@cgo-cce.org, with the subject – “Call for support to projects of CSOs in Montenegro – M’BASE” – and a hard copy version on address: Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 96, III/6 81 000 Podgorica. If needed, further information can be obtained by sending the question to MBASE@cgo-cce.org, no later than 25 September 2022, until 16h00.

A total of EUR 550,000 will be allocated to CSOs through this call, within two categories:

The requested amount of funds within this call can range between a minimum of 70% and a maximum of 100% of eligible costs. The difference between the total cost of the action and the approved amount within this call, if not 100% supported, must come from funds that are the budget of the European Union.

The project CSOs in Montenegro – from basic services to policy shaping – M’BASE is implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in partnership with the German Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), NGO Center for the Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP) and NGO Politikon Network from Montenegro, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration and Ministry of European Affairs the Government of Montenegro. The project is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Ministry of Public Administration.