Call for the best literary and artistic work of primary and high school students

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) announces a


for the best literary and artistic work of primray and high school students

The Call is intended for primary and high school students from all schools in Montenegro who want to contribute to the prevention of discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ people and the acceptance of LGBTIQ persons among the school population.

The aim of the Call is to encourage activism of youth as advocates for human rights, acceptance of diversity, and those who fight rising hate speech against LGBTIQ people.

Criteria that the literary and artistic work must meet:

  • to represent an authentic work by a primary or high school student from Montenegro;
  • to be in a form of a story, essay, drawing or painting;
  • to use the correct LGBTIQ terminology;
  • to promote the rights of LGBTIQ persons and/or address the position and problems of LGBTIQ persons in Montenegro

Along with the literary and artistic work, authors are required to provide:

  • personal data (name, address, phone number, grade, course, school);
  • brief description and/or motivation for producing the literary and artistic work.

Works can be submitted until 12 September 2023, via email  with subject “CALL FOR THE BEST WORK”. Drawings and paintings can be submitted in JPG format, in minimum full HD resolution, while the original should be kept and delivered to the Commission upon request.

Based on the received works and considering the fulfilment of the criteria and objectives of the Call, the Commission will choose the best works. After the selection, the authors of the three highest-rated works will be awarded cash prizes of 200, 150, and 100 EUR, respectively. Additionally, at least 10 best works, including the top three, will be published in a collection.

Note: All so far recevied applications will be deemed valid and will be considered in the selection process.

Call for the best literary and artistic work of primary and high school students is organized within the project “Together against prejudice!” which is implemented by the CCE with the financial support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, with the aim of improving the level of acceptance of LGBTIQ persons by the citizens of Montenegro.