Young people between marginalization, radicalization, and potential

About publication

Authors: Nikola Mirković, Nikola Obradović, Željka Ćetković, Petar Đukanović

Publishing year: 2023.

Young people are a crucial resource for democratic prosperity, growth, and development in every society, including Montenegro.

This publication presents the findings of empirical research and focus groups with young people, aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the realities of everyday life, experiences, and needs of young people in Montenegro. The research covered a wide range of questions - from how young people spend their free time, how they educate themselves and face the challenges of employment, to what extent they are satisfied with their family and personal lives, from whom they maintain social distance, and who they perceive as discriminated, to how engaged they are in socio-political processes. Through the analysis of each of these segments, insights are provided into both individual challenges and broader implications.

The publication is part of the project “I ACT – I CHANGE!” implemented by the Centre for Civic Education (CCE). This project is financed by the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica.