Through museum education to a more tolerant society

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) published the publication “Bridges of Multiculturalism through Museum Education – a Teaching Manual”, authored by Filip Kuzman, affirming the use of museum resources as part of assistant teaching material for primary and secondary schools, to improve intercultural competences among young people and consequently the development of a more tolerant environment.

The publication is a guide for primary and secondary school teaching staff, which, through the example of the National Museum of Montenegro, describe how to approach learning about other cultures and cultural heritage in Montenegro. By integrating museum visits into the curriculum, students are encouraged to understand and appreciate different cultures, identities, and perspectives through 10 museum units: Montenegro traditional costume, painting, sacred art, burial traditions, written traces on the soil of Montenegro, musical instruments, trade, multiculturalism in antiquity, multiculturalism of the Principality of Montenegro, and the People’s Liberation War. Additionally, the guide provides an example of the structure of the lesson. Special attention was paid to the detailed elaboration of the visual segments of the publication and their adaptation for easier use in teaching.

The National Museum of Montenegro has a large number of objects that testify to the multicultural character of Montenegro. Thanks to this manual, professors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the exhibits and how to use them in their classes. Also, the students will get to know the National Museum and its holdings, which may create a desire in them to visit the Museum and see some of the objects in person“, explains author Filip Kuzman, historian and curator, and emphasizes that the manual is not intended only for history professors, but it can also be used by professors of sociology, music, art, civic education…

Bridges of Multiculturalism through Museum Education – a Teaching Manual”, the purpose is to provide new ideas for formal education system to work on suppressing stereotypes and prejudices among students and developing their sense of tolerance and understanding towards “others”.

Through this approach, the CCE aims to encourage institutions to make a greater commitment when it comes to the topics of multiculturalism and interculturalism, especially among young people as future advocates of human rights and the fight against discrimination.

The publication “Bridges of Multiculturalism through Museum Education“, is part of the project implemented by the CCE with the support of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

Marlena Ivanović, Programme assistant