Siniša Čađenović, Financial Advisor

Siniša Čađenović, Financial AdvisorSiniša Čađenović is currently finishing his postgraduate studies at the Accounting and Audit Department within Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro. He graduated General Economics, Banking and Finance at the same faculty. He completed Human Rights School, in the organisation of the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and the Council of Europe, and journalism course in the organisation of weekly magazine „Monitor“. Additionally, he specialized through programme „Efficient Cash Management“ organised by US Treasury and Montenegrin Government, “Developing a sustainable audit function effects”, organized by the Swedish National Audit Office and the “Audit of the financial reports of political parties and monitoring of election campaign financing” organized by the UNDP, as well as through training programmmes for managers. He used to work as accountant in private company „Gratis“, and is permanently employed at the State Audit Institution as State Auditor. He is a member of the Working Group for the preparation of negotiations on the accession of Montenegro to the EU for Chapter 5 – Public Procurement. He speaks English and French language.