European money for the Montenegrin path to EU

Although there is a widespread public perception that non-governmental organizations have unlimited EU funds at their disposal, and this is frequently accompanied by manipulations and organized campaigns aimed at damaging the reputation of critically oriented NGOs, the dominant part of the funds is allocated to the institutions, as it was concluded in the study ‘’European… »

Arrogant investor continues to provoke locals, court and Prosecutor’s Office unusually slow

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses concern over the fact that the privileged concessionaire “Dekar” and “Dekar Energy”, owned by Momcilo Miranovic, arbitrarily returned workers to the construction site for the construction of a mini-hydropower plant (MHP) on the river Cestogaz, in the village of Kraljske bare, the municipality of Kolasin, and contrary to the… »

Balkanization instead of Europeanization – fight against corruption in Montenegro

Over the past eight years, Montenegro has not achieved the expected track record in combating corruption. The EU has also demonstrated political inconsistency regarding the continuous and necessary external pressure concerning Montenegro, thus Montenegro, despite of everything, has been making progress in the accession negotiations for a long time, with an evident deficit of political… »

Parties to appoint more responsible representatives in the SEC

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) calls on parliamentary political parties to ensure that when appointing their representatives to the new State Election Commission (SEC), in accordance with the recently opened procedure, they are those members who will act responsibly to the law and budgetary funds. Namely, the latest data received by the CCE, under the… »

Judiciary, fight against corruption and rule of law should be a priority for political actors

Judiciary, fight against corruption and rule of law in a broader context are the key issues of Chapter 23, in which Montenegro records a chronic lack of track record in the accession negotiation process with the European Union. Although all election actors during the parliamentary election campaign rhetorically advocated for the acceleration of European integration,… »

Promotion and education about differences are effective

In the areas where more is being done to promote diversity, and there is no doubt that most of the activities are in the Capital City of Podgorica, this has a significant impact. Somewhat more radical attitudes of boys, students of secondary vocational schools and those from those parts of Montenegro in which there are… »

The burden of the past feeds the new nationalist waves

With the imprints of the past on the picture of the future, it is possible to come out by determining the roots of the conflict and criminal responsibility, while providing justice for victims, which is still lacking and which feeds new nationalist waves in the region, as assessed at the two-day online workshop “Transitional Justice… »

Education system does not meet the needs of students, but students do not complain

On the occasion of 17 November – International Student Day, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) indicates the long-lasting problem of inadequate addressing of students’ needs by educational institutions. The CCE calls on policy and decision-makers to strategically reform the education system to improve the quality of education and employability of graduate students. In the… »

Changes do not mean the replacement of one party membership with the other

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses serious concern over the statements of the representatives of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) that they negotiate with Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic to get their “proper part” of the seat within the Government “in-depth”. Such an approach is not a reform in the part of the necessary depoliticization of… »