The Day of Journalists to be a reason for pride, not worry

On the occasion of 23 January – The Day of Journalists of Montenegro, the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) congrats to all journalists in Montenegro to their day with the hope that their safety will not be questioned, as well as they will get a better economical position very soon. Media freedom is the foundation of… »

Long road to justice – reform of the judiciary system in Montenegro

The deeply politicized judiciary was not ready for the reform that would give credible, measurable and sustainable track record besides the legal acts, but also disrupt some of the existing monopolies of power. Hence, after eight years of accession negotiations with the EU, the judiciary is positioned as one of the key obstacles and there… »

Demonstrate transparency through personal actions

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points out that more than half of the members of the Government did not give their consent to accessing their bank account data within the submitted Reports on income and assets, and the fact that the Report on income and assets of the Deputy Prime Minister is not available on… »

Government should fulfil its pre-election promises

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) today sent a new urgent request to the recently formed bodies, the Ministry of Capital Investments and the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, reiterating the appeals to the competent ministers, Mladen Bojanic and Ratko Mitrovic, to urgently reconsider and terminate harmful Concession Agreement for construction of small hydropower… »