Parade of irresponsibility

On the positive side, the discussion of LGBT rights left the boundaries of our programmes of alternative education and lecture holes where it largely preached to the converted and entered the public sphere. On the negative side, there is still no sign of institutional, political and professional accountability of those who are publicly promoting lies,… »

New regulation is already violated

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) indicates that the new Regulation on the criteria for determining the users and manner of the allocation of portion of the lottery games income that come into force on 07/08/2010 is already violated. Namely, the Commission has not informed the public on the Decision on allocation of funds for 2010… »

Situation at the Law faculty is still disturbing

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) again urges the authorities of University of Montenegro (UMNE) and rector to immediately start activities in order to solve problems at the Law Faculty and to provide all conditions for the academic work of students and professors… Situation at the Law faculty is still disturbing – (pdf)

A cycle of lectures on Jacques Lacan

In the framework of the new educational programme „Contemporary tendencies of critical thought“ CCE organises A cycle of lectures on Jacques Lacan, one of intellectual icons of the 20th century, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and philosopher. Moderator of the seminar will be Filip Kovačević, PhD Lectures and discussions will take place in the CCE premises, every Wednesday… »