Youth ran for RECOM in Podgorica

Within the 20th Jubilee Podgorica marathon, young people, participating at the race for high school students, were running for RECOM (Regional commission for establishing the facts about war crimes and other serious violations of human rights in the former Yugoslavia from 1991-2001).

The aim of the action which, except in Podgorica, today simultaniously happened in Ljubljana as well, was to draw the attention of decision-makers and the general public on the necessity of faster establishment of RECOM. Parallel to the Podgorica race, a second meeting of the Regional expert group for RECOM, composed of personal envoys of the presidents of the former Yugoslav republics, is held in Zagreb. At the meeting, they are considering the Proposal of RECOM statute, constitutional, legal and political aspects as well as the possibility of establishing interstate commission, whose work would lead to a long awaited justice for all victims of wars that occurred during the nineties, on which civil society organizations insist for years, through developing the initiative for RECOM.

A large number of young people, high school students, took part in today’s race for RECOM. They ran wearing the RECOM signs on T-shirts, providing by such participation an immediate contribution to the promotion of initiative for RECOM. At the same time, they shown strong commitment to the idea of establishing the regional commission that should contribute to the clarification of war past and rebuilding trust and lasting peace between countries of the former Yugoslavia.

The action “I run for RECOM” is part of a wider regional action which, apart from Podgorica and Ljubljana, already has been organized in Sarajevo and Zagreb, and, within upcoming city marathons will be held in Pristina , Belgrade, Banja Luka and Skopje.

Mirela Rebronja , programme coordinator