Support to library fund of University of Montenegro library

Today, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) donated 40 publications (82 copies) of the CCE’s most recent publishing production, from the area of democracy, human rights, European integration and active citizenship.

CCE has been making efforts for years in order to contribute to the improvement of quality of higher education in Montenegro. Within those programme activities, among other issues, the need for support to library fund of University of Montenegro library has been recognised. Thus, 40 publications (82 copies in total), which CCE recently published by itself or with partners, has been donated to the University library. Publications deal with current challenges of democratisation of Montenegrin society, with the emphasis on different aspects of European integration process, as well as on some of the key challenges that accompany it, mainly from area of respecting human rights and freedoms and efficient fight against corruption.

CCE assesses that it is important for academic staff at University of Montenegro, as well as students, to have direct disposal publications of NGO sector, particularly from part of NGO sector that has critical relation towards the quality of public policies and work of public authority bodies, because in that manner the academic community at the University of Montenegro is strengthened as well as the development of critical thought at the University itself.

CCE calls upon other non-governmental organisations to contribute to fund of University library by donating their publications regarding the area they operate in.

Mira Popović, programme associate