Diplomas awarded to the participants of XXV generation of Democracy School

Diplomas were solemnly awarded tonight in Podgorica to the participants of the XXV generation of Democracy School, organised by the CCE with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Daliborka Uljarević, CCE executive director, awarded the diplomas to the participants who successfully finished the programme, and thereby emphasised the importance of lifelong education and development of democratic political culture in Montenegro.

Democracy School is dedicated to understanding of the idea of democracy and the manner of implementation of that idea. Within the School theoretical knowledge is being examined, as well as comparative practice and the skills and manner of implementation of democratic concepts in everyday life, and in particular in the political sphere. Programme of the Democracy School is organised through the five months long series of sessions, in the form of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, simulations, conferences, screenings of movies followed with the Q&A on these, etc.

XXV generation of Democracy School was successfully completed by 28 participants from Montenegro, mostly by representatives of political parties, government institutions, media, NGO, students and others. Within the programme, they had a chance to attend the lectures of prominent domestic and foreign professors, representatives of legislative and executive power, NGO sector, journalists, independent institutions, diplomatic corps, etc. Diplomas were awarded to: Adaleta Pecević, Aldijana Kajević, Alek Barović, Amar Spahić, Andrijana Radović, Daliborka Grbić, Danica Zečević, Damjan Bogićević, Drago Drobnjak, Elmir Đoković, Elza Kujović, Enida Dacić, Ivana Uskoković, Jelena Nedović, Kristina Gvozdenović, Ljiljana Jokić, Maida Mujević, Melanija Vuksanović, Mihajlo Vavić, Milica Gačević, Miloš Filipović, Milutin Kljajević, Nevena Krlović, Nikoleta Kuč, Nikolina Koljčević, Svetlana Janković, Tihomir Milović and Vasilija Obradović.

Continued interest which this programme has been offering since its foundation, as well as the fact that this is the XXV generation, is encouraging and indicates that there are citizens in Montenegro who are willing to be socially engaged and actively participate in current processes, but also to work to strengthen their own capacities. This programme was established in 2003, and 687 citizens of Montenegro completed it successfully so far. New generation is planned from September 2015.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate