Selection of Fast Forward Film Festival gains on new acclaims

Before the seventh edition of Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival 2016, Centre for Civic Education (CCE) is already working on its preparation, film selection, and fundraising for the organisation of this, for Montenegrin context, unique festival. FAST FORWARD Festival is of multiple significance – both for the domain of affirmation of human rights and civic activism, and for the presentation of most quality films which marked the period between the two editions.

During the FAST FORWARD 2015, Montenegrin audience had the opportunity to watch the movie Son of Saul, which won numerous awards, among other – Golden Globe for best foreign movie, several awards at Cannes Film Festival, and additional 40 awards. This collection has been crowned by yet another award – American Academy Award for best foreign movie.

Namely, Laszlo Nemes triumphed in the category for best foreign movie, where the movie Mustang by Denis Hamze Erguven, which was also screened on FAST FORWARD 2015, was nominated as well. Nemes’ drama on Holocaust left nobody indifferent in the region, and the tale of Saul Auslander, Hungarian Jewish, continues to travel the world and remind us of not so distant past which should be remembered, and from which we have yet to learn. His film is of particular importance, especially now in 21st century while we are facing migrant crisis, “concentration camps”, camps, even racism and staggering level of xenophobia. This film serves as a reminder of how (fascist) ideology shapes people, especially in times of economic, political and social crisis.

Film, as a mean of conveying important messages, still poses a powerful tool in the hands of authors, and the CCE identifies and presents such accomplishments to Montenegrin audience with great enthusiasm each year.
Hence, CCE will continue to screen movies in 2016, movies which elaborate on complex and delicate subject of human rights, and work actively to bring Montenegrin audience closer to film accomplishments from region and world.

Nikola Djonović, programme coordinator