Training on communication skills and human rights completed

Training on human rights for the participants of project Through employment to inclusion was completed today in Centre for Civic Education (CCE). During two-day long training, participants had the opportunity to discuss the contemporary concept, generations and culture of human rights, legislative and institutional framework of protection against discrimination in Montenegro, understanding, tolerance and solidarity, prejudice and stereotypes, as well as the media and human rights of PWD and the (in)equality through language and media reporting.

This is the second module of training within the project Through employment to inclusion. Prior to this one, participants attended another training on skills of communication during which they acquired basic skills of presentation, learned how to function in team, how to solve conflicts, how to prepare for a job interview, and learned the basics of public relations and communication on social networks.

cgo-cce-zaposljavanjem do inkluzije

During the intense training within these two modules, participants worked with representatives of Represent Communications Montenegro, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, CCE, as well as with representatives of NGOs and media which deal with issues of marginalised groups in various manners, and finally with experts on human rights on general level.

CCE has hired eight persons with disabilities within this project during April, for a duration of six months.

During next stage of project, emphasis will be on the improvement of availability of one residential and business premise and a campaign which aims to empower the employers and persons with disabilities to use the mechanisms of social and economic inclusion more actively.

cgo-cce-zaposljavanjem do inkluzije1

Project was created as a contribution to solving of numerous daily challenges when it comes to employment of persons with disabilities in Montenegro, which consequently further marginalises and socially excludes this group, thus depriving the entire society of great developing capacities.

Project duration is 10 months, based on the partnership of NGO and business sector – CCE and PR agency Represent Communications. Project is realised with the support of Employment Agency.

Svetlana Pešić, programme associate