111 NGO are seeking consistent application of the law

111 non-governmental organizations from Montenegro have submitted a letter to the President of Administrative Committee of Parliament of Montenegro asking of this Committee to consistently apply law since in the case of colleague Goran Djurovic there is no legal basis for his dismissal

Parliament of Montenegro
Administrative Committee
Luidj Skrelja, President

Podgorica, 25 October 2017

Dear Mr Skrelja,

We, undersigned representatives of non-governmental organizations, are hereby inviting you, in regards to undertaking further steps in relation to Decision of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption of alleged conflict of interest of the member of RTCG Council Goran Djurovic, to comply with this Decision in which it is clearly and indisputably  stated:

By conducting examination of the Excerpt from Central Register of Economic Entities, as well as by declaration of the named, it was established that activity of the company “Nature” doo Podgorica is mixed agricultural production, indicating that Goran Djurovic is not the person for whom prohibition in Article 26 paragraph 1 item 5 of the Law on National Public Broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro is prescribed, since the named is a business owner of a company which conduct of operation is not incompatible with the function that he performs.

We also invite you to uphold Article 26 of the Law on National Public Broadcasters Radio and Television of Montenegro, which regulates the issue of conflict of interest, which states that members of Council may not be “persons who, as shareholders, stakeholders, members of governing bodies, members of supervisory bodies, employees, etc, have an interest in legal entities involved in production of radio and television programmes thus membership of such a person in the Council could lead to conflicts of interest.”

It is more than obvious from aforementioned that Goran Djurovic as agricultural producer is not in conflict of interest and that therefore there is no reason for his dismissal from the function of member of the RTCG Council. In short, we seek a consistent application of the law and there is no legal basis for Goran Djurovic to be dismissed.

If the Administrative Committee of Parliament of Montenegrin, contrary to clear standpoint of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and in the breach of the Law on National Public Broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro, initiates procedure for dismissal, we consider it to be a political dealing with with free-thinking activists of NGO sector and a member of the RTCG Council in order to establish party control over public service the RTCG.


On behalf of signatories of the statement,

1. Ana Novakovic, Executive Director, Centre for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CDNGO)
2. Stevo Muk, President of the MB, Institute Alternative (IA)
3. Daliborka Uljarevic, Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education (CCE)
4. Vanja Calovic, Executive Director, MANS
5. Zlatko Vujovic, President of the MB, Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI)
6. Ivana Vujovic, Executive Director, NGO Juventas
7. Slavica Strikovic, Executive Director, NGO Women’s Action
8. Azra Mucic, Acting Executive Director, Association of Civil War Disabled Persons of Montenegro (ACWDPMNE)
9. Aleksandra Pavicevic, Executive Director, Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDMNE)
10. Dejvid Sejdovic, Fondation of Hand of Friendship
11. Marina Vuksanovic, NGO Hope, Herceg Novi
12. Milka Stojanovic, President, Association of Paraplegics Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac
13. Biljana Zekovic, Executive Director, SOS Phone for Women and Children Victims of Violence Podgorica
14. Dejan Tmusic, President, Association of Paraplegics Cetinje
15. Aleksandar Jerotic, President, NGO Pandora, Herceg Novi
16. Milenko Vojicic, Executive Director, Association of PLEGIA Niksic
17. Zdravko Janjusevic, Executive Director, NGO Democratic Centre of Bijelo Polje
18. Patricia Pobric, Executive Director, NGO Our Action
19. Dusko Rakocevic, Executive Director, NGO “HEART”
20. Goran Macanovic, Association of Visually Impaired of Montenegro
21. Goran Macanovic, Organization of Visually Impaired for Niksic, Savkin and Pluzine
22. Maja Raicevic, Executive Director NGO Centre for Women’s Rights
23. Mirsala Tomic, President, NGO Association for Development of Civil Society
24. Danijel Kalezic, President, Queer Montenegro
25. Anka Djurisic, Executive Director, NGA Paths
26. Bozidar Denda, Culture Centre Homer
27. Kristina Mihailovic, President, Association of Parents
28. Nazif Velic, President, NGO New Horizons
29. Milos Markovic, NGO Active Zone
30. Ilinka Otasevic, Executive Director, NGO Our Future
31. Marija Radec, President of Managing Board, Association “Grow Together”
32. Pavlovic Milomir, President of MB, NGO I Wish You a Spring
33. Blagoje Vujisic, NGO “Children’s Association Bijelo Polje”
34. Lidija Guberinic, NGO Municipal Association of Multiple Sclerosis Bijelo Polje
35. Samardzic Slavica, Executive Director NGO White Cane
36. Sabina Talovic, NGO Open Centre Bona Fide
37. Natasa Medjedovic, Executive Director SOS Phone for Women and Children Victims of Violence Niksic
38. Tea Gorjanc – Prelevic, Executive Director of Action for Human Rights
39. Dijana Stojanovic, NGO Fenix Montenegro
40. Tijana Kovacevic, President, Association Korina
41. Milusa Cica Zugic, President of Association for Help to Persons with Psychophysical Developmental Issues Niksic
42. Mirsad Muratovic, President of NGO Roma Hope
43. Ranko Mester, President of NGO BRAIN Bijelo Polje
44. Bojana Jokic, President of MB LGBT Forum Progress
45. Djordje Trajcevski, Alternative Creative Centre “Right Path” Tivat
46. Dejan Basanovic, Secretary General of Association of Paraplegics Podgorica
47. Marta Andjelic, NGO Adria Bar
48. Vladan Golubovic, NGO CAZAS
49. Stanica Loncar, NGA “Ray of Hope”
50. Jovana Marovic, Executive Director of Politicon Network
51. Milisav Korac, Executive Director NGO Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities “Our Initiative” Podgorica
52. Milisav Korac, President of Association of Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities Podgorica
53. Darko Jovovic, President of Association Physiotherapists for Help to Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities
54. Vuksan Bozovic, President of Assembly of Association of Residents and Friends of Vuca Village – Berane
55. Fedja Masic, Executive Director NGO Equivalent
56. Almes Kijamet, President of NGO ”Adriatic – A”
58. Dusko Markovic, Executive Director NGO Media Team
59. Maras Djordjije, Executive Director NGO Centre Zeta
60. Elvis Berisa, Executive Director, Roma Organization of Youth ”Walk with Us – Phiren Amenca”
61. Ljiljana Krstic, President of Association NGO “Ray of Sun” Herceg Novi
62. Alma Orahovac, Executive Director NGO Futura
63. Ratko Cerovic, Executive Director NGO Likud Montenegro
64. Ruzdija Strujic, Executive Director NGO Bonum
65. Mikan Medenica, NGO Natura
66. Nikola Cabarkapa, Executive Director Eco-Movement Bijelo Polje
67. Mladen Spanjevic, Executive Director NGO European Youth Centre of Montenegro
68. Ismet Selimovic, Executive Director NGO ”E-ROMA”
69. Ugljesa Prebiracevic, President NGO “Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of Bijelo Polje”
70. Uros Vukicevic, President of NGO Modus Acquirendi
71. Zeljko Djukic, President of NGO Multimedial Montenegro
72. Mirza Lukac, Executive Director NGO ”Manifesto”
73. Safet Adzibulic, Executive Director NGO Parliament of Bihor
74. Zaim Sukurica, NGO Development Club Potkrajci
75. Ruzmir Osmanovic, NGO Multimedia Studio Bijelo Polje
76. Almir Balic, Executive Director NGO “Implementation, Action and Transformation” (NGO IMPACT)
77. Branko Hajdukovic, President of Association for Protection and Return of Private Property
78. Lion Hodzic, Executive Director NGO “Liberal Order – Petnjica“
79. Nada Ristanovic, Coordinator NGO SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence Bijelo Polje
80. Milic Marina, President of Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs “Better Future” Berane
81. Rizaja Dervisaga, President of Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities Ulcinj
82. Ivan Sekularac, President of Association NGO “Jelovica”
83. Cedo Popovic, President of NGO Society of Parents of Children with Special Needs Bar
84. Natasa Anastasov, President of Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities “Snails House” Budva
85. Valentina Sekulic, President of Association NGO Folklore Association for Children and Youth with Special Needs
86. Radmila Mijatovic, President of Assembly of NGO Folklore Ensemble “Opanak”
87. Milorad Sekularac, President of Association of Minority Shareholders ”AD TUP BRSKOVO” Bijelo Polje
88. Ana Danilovic, President of Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities ”Star” Kolasin
89. Vukota Jasovic, President of NGO “Society of Voluntary Blood Donors” Podgorica
90. Husnija Korac, President of NGO “Society of Voluntary Blood Donors Rozaje”
91. Lazar Andjic, President of NGO “Society of Voluntary Blood Donors – Berane”
92. Milena Lekic, President of NGO “Association of Diabetics Berane”
93. Dragana Dosljak, President of Assembly of Association for Support to Children with Developmental Disabilities and their Families Montenegro
94. Ratko Scekic, President of NGO ”Association of Farmers and Vegetable Growers – Polimlje” Berane
95. Vladan Kuc, President of Association Centre for Sustainable Development – Polica
96. Ljiljana Raicevic, Safe Women’s House
97. Snezana Konatar, Executive Director NGO Centre for Development of Democracy and Human Rights
98. Drago Zekovic, Executive Director Association for Protection of Workers Rights and Unemplyed Persons Bijelo Polje
99. Senada Crnovrsanin, Executive Director NGO Forum for Socially-Economical and Social Status and Position of Muslims
100. Slobodan Tomasevic, Executive Director NGO Centre for Creative Skills
101. Denis Ramdedovic, President of NGO Persons with Disabilities Petnjica
102. Ardijan Slja, Executive Director NGO Council of Egyptians and Roma Berane
103. Dragan Culafic, President of Foundation “Help-Action for North MNE”
104. Damir Kalic, President of Assembly NGO “Sports Schools Agoge”
105. Borislav Culafic, President NGO “Bankruptors in Montenegro”
106. Ivo Sejularac, President of NGO Association of Retirees Berane
107. Enver Rastoder, President of NGO Centre for Rural Development –Petnjica
108. Rasema Hekalo, Secretary of Association of Parents Oasis
109. Milusa Cica Zugic, President of Network for Education and Development of Supportive Services to PWD
110. Vezira Cosovic, President of NGO Make Life Easier for Children with Special Needs
111. Slobodan Kljajic, President of Association of Work Disabled Persons Podgorica