Fundraising initiative for the recovery of the landslide in Tjentište and preservation of monument honouring heroes in the battle of Sutjeska

We invite all colleagues from non-governmental organizations, citizens, owners of companies and employees in these compandies, state institutions’ employees, accordance with their capabilities, to contribute to the recovery of landslide in the Valley of Heroes where there is ossuary and monument honouring heroes in the Battle of Sutjeska.

Citizens should cherish the legacy of the nation-liberation battle against fascism as one of the fundamental values on which contemporary Montenegro also rests.

Tjentište is symbol of the unity of people of the former SFRY, symbol of resistance, symbol of heroism, symbol that must be preserved for new generations. About 7,000 male partisans and 597 female partisans died in Tjentište, and we have no right to forget them.

We call upon the media in Montenegro to support the fundraising action for the recovery of the landslide at Tjentište.

We call upon Montenegrin state institutions to engage into fundraising action, hence to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards victims of National Liberation War (NLW) and to assist the state institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in preserving the Tjentište monument, which belongs to all people and nationalities of the former SFRY.

Anyone who can and would like to contribute to the restoration of the memorial at Tjentište can transfer money to the account: Public institution “Sutjeska” National Park, Tjentište bb, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Nova banka AD, Banja Luka;

Goran Đurović, NGO activist
Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Daliborka Uljarević
Centre for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro (CIN CG), Milka Tadić Mijović
Slavica Sriković, NGO activist
Center fot the Development of NGOs (CRNVO), Ana Novaković
Nikola Vukčević, film director
Center for Monitoring and Research (CEMI), Zlatko Vujović
Human Rights in Action (HRA), Tea Gorjanc Prelević
Democatic Centre of Bijelo Polje, Zdravko Janjušević