Development of Skills for Better Employability of Persons with Disability – CALL

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with New Page and Employment Agency of Montenegro, announces

C A L L 

for participation in project

Development of Skills for Better Employability of Persons with Disability 

via system of informal trainings free of charge and employment

The call is intended for persons with disability with completed high school and/or faculty education from the registry of Employment Agency from Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Niksic and Cetinje.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Certificate from the registry of Employment Agency
  • Certificate on type and level of disability
  • Copy of diploma of high school and/or faculty
  • CV or biography

Biography with scanned certificates and copies of diploma needs to be submitted until 16 December 2018, until 00:00h, electronically on or at the address of Centre for Civic Education (CCE), Blvd. St. Petar Cetinjski 96 III/6, 81 000 Podgorica.

Applicants will be invited for an interview after which they will be notified about results of the Call.

Persons with disabilities who are selected by the Commission for selection of participants, upon successfully completed trainings will be employed for a period of six (6) months in civil society organisations and private companies – employers as project participants. Employment process implies signing of work contract and registering employees to mandatory insurance and assignment to work with employers.

For the period of conducting of work practice, beneficiaries have right to monthly net salary in the amount of 179,70 EUR (gross 300,00 EURas well as non-taxable amount of 70,00 EUR, which amounts to 249,10 EUR per beneficiary on monthly level. The envisaged work time per day is 6 hours. Beneficiaries are obliged to comply with provisions of work contract, to fulfil their tasks within deadline and in accordance with their best possibilities, as well as to attend monitoring meetings with employers and organiser in order to follow up success of implementation of work engagement. Beneficiaries will also write reports on their work on monthly level (timesheets) at the end of the month, in accordance with the form and requirements prescribed by Employment Agency of Montenegro.

System of trainings:

  • First training programme is intended for development of IT competences and contains the following modules: Module 1 – Basics of computer work (Windows Pro 10); Module 2 – Basics of using Internet (MS Outlook 2016, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome); Module 3 – Text processing (MS Office – Word 2016); Module 4 – Table calculations (MS Office – Excel 2016) and Module 5 – Digital archive (Electronic database)Trainings will be conducted two times per week in duration of 90 minutes.
  • Second training programme is intended for adoption of technics for writing and managing project financed from the EU funds and will contain the following modules: Available funds; Project cycle; Development of logical-frame  Writing project proposals; and Project management (monitoring and evaluation)Trainings will be conducted in two parts per 3 work days, in total duration of two weeks with homework in between.
  • Third training programme is dedicated to entrepreneurship through the concept of start-ups and adoption of skills of development and management of business ideas, and will contain the following modules: Development of understanding of entrepreneurial culture; and Basic concept of development of start-up business and basic technics and skills for development and management of business plans as basis for initiation of private initiative and self-employment in overcoming the challenges of unemploymentTrainings will be conducted in 2 work days.

Information on time and place of conduct of trainings will be duly delivered to participants. All costs of conduct and travel costs of participants of trainings are covered by the CCE.

For more information, the interested candidates can address CCE on phone number 020 228 479 or via email at, or contact person in Employment Agency of Montenegro, Bojana Vukovic, on phone number 020 406 808, i.e. email