Nova M is violating the Rulebook on programme standards and Code of Ethics of Montenegrin Journalists

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and Media Centre have submitted today a complaint to the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) regarding the reporting of Nova M. The complaint relates to the feature broadcasted in the Central News on 17/02/2019 (from 6.58’ to 12.40’) about civic protests which were conducted on 16/02/2019 in Podgorica.

Media Centre and CCE estimate that the Nova M has, with this feature, violated multiple obligations of broadcasters from the Rulebook on programme standards in electronic media. In specific, the feature does not contribute to the complete and impartial informing of the public about events, does not respect the principle of accuracy and impartiality, and it is not just and balanced either. Also, the Nova M has, with this feature, violated the obligation not to use the programme content to biasedly promote interests of any group of an individual. This reflects in one-sided selection of interlocutors without the side which is directly being reported about, but also in inaccurate information, such as the one about number of participants of protest, structure of organisers, etc. by which the viewers are brought deliberately into misapprehension, for the purpose of someone’s particular interest.

By retaining the same staff from the Pink M, unfortunately, the NOVA M has continued also the same editorial policy which is contrary to all professional standards. Such approach to the journalistic profession has not been noted with other members of United Media, corporation behind the NOVA M, and it remains unclear why this large and reputable corporation allows itself to broadcast fake content (inaccurate statements, inaccurate data) as it certainly does not recommend itself to serious clients for marketing.

CCE and Media Centre expect AEM to urgently and positively decide upon this complaint because it is textbook example of violation of the Rulebook on programme standards in electronic media, but also the Code of Ethics of Journalists of Montenegro. It is not known what type of self-regulation the NOVA M has, thus CCE and Media Centre have not utilised this mechanism for complaints yet.

Goran Đurović, Director of Media Centre
Daliborka Uljarević, CCE Executive Director