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Authors: Momčilo Živadinović, Jovana Spremo, Dušan Pokuševski, Petar Đukanović, YIHR KS

Publishing year: 2015

Policy paper - Monitoring of Discrimination Trials refers to the improvement of monitoring of discrimination trials and establishing of Judicial Monitoring Network on the territory of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. The Network was created as a response to low transparency of discrimination trials and insufficient public interest for them.

Despite the fact that there is an adequate legal framework in regard to the prohibition of discrimination and the right to a fair trial (especially the element that they should be open to the public), implementation of these laws is often insufficient and incomplete. Monitoring of the trials in necessary in order to organize this legal framework and enable its complete implementation, and particularly the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Law, which would be enabled by attendance of the trials and reporting from them, mutual communication of non-governmental organizations within above mentioned network, as well as public relations. This report also includes the guidelines and recommended steps for implementation of monitoring and networking of the NGOs, with special recommendations for the media and judiciary.

This publication is issued as part of the project Networking of Civil Society Organizations in the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights, with financial support from the European Commission.