Honorary citizenships – awarded to whom and how?

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Authors: Mira Popović, Svetlana Pešić

Publishing year: 2015

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), within the sub-programme Equal opportunities, on two occasions – in August 2013 and in July 2015, has been gathering information on the list of persons who have acquired the socalled honorary citizenships according to the Law on Citizenship, with the objective to make this data public and contribute to practice of their regular publishing. CCE considers that Montenegrin public should be familiar with persons who acquired Montenegrin citizenship on the ground of special merits, as well as which particular merits.

As much as it is necessary to make Montenegro a more attractive destination for foreign investments, it is that much important not to risk any form of discrediting the state due to manner of awarding this form of citizenship. Furthermore, awarding honorary citizenship to controversial persons directly harms not only reputation of Montenegro, but also the reputation of those who have earned that citizenship on the grounds of undisputed merits.