Montenegrin textbooks: what do they conceal and reveal about the contemporary history of Montenegro?

About publication

Authors: Isidora Radonjić, Tamara Milaš, Miloš Vukanović

Publishing year: 2016

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), within its sub-programme Transitional justice, aims to contribute to the effective process of facing with the past through series of different, yet interconnected, activities.

In this respect, the CCE team, within its study “Montenegrin textbooks: what do they conceal and reveal about the contemporary history of Montenegro?”, analysed the content of material which is nowadays available in formal education system, including primary, secondary and higher education level, whereby higher education was analysed through the sample of three faculty units of the University of Montenegro. Furthermore, a research was conducted with the objective to assess the impact of some of the effects of such education approach on the (lack of) knowledge of students. Finally, an assessment of the existing model of history teaching, with accompanying recommendations to modernise and harmonise it with the needs of a society, which tends to develop into a democratic, is also provided.

Focus of this study, among other issues, was on the manner in which the causes, course and outcome of war events which marked the history of region, thereby of Montenegro as well, are presented in the Montenegrin education system. Unfortunately, Montenegrin textbooks are practically “cleansed” of all potentially “dangerous” content, which restricts the potential of society to comprehend and evaluate that period based on facts, which further encumbers the already arduous process of facing the past.