Government sessions to be live-streamed again

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) submitted an initiative today to the Government, urging the reinstalment of live-streaming for Government sessions, considering that the suspension of these broadcasts is not a good decision, nor a good message for citizens, as it undoubtedly reduces the transparency of the Government’s work. It also complicates the ability of the media, civil sector, and other interested public to be directly informed about the activities of the Government.

Regardless of the the 43rd Government conducted open sessions, which was also publicly assessed by the Europe Now Movement, led by the Prime Minister, and with which the CCE largely agrees, we still consider it even worse approach to close them to the public.

Despite the shortcomings associated with these session broadcasts, including the fact that they often served a marketing platform for the now former Prime Minister and some of his colleagues, they also provided valuable insight into the character of that Government. The public has the right to witness how decisions are made and who supports them, how each ministers present their materials, or discusses other crucial matters. Moreover, live-straming is essential for agenda items consisting of verbal information that the public cannnot find later.

CCE is of the opinion that instead of discounting session roadcast, the 44th Government should strive to correct the mistakes of its predecessors and ensure that these sessions are genuinly transparent, free from obscured transactions, documents and secret points, while also promoting informed discussions.

CCE notes that live-streaming of these sessions does not consume additional Government work time, disrupt its work, or incur extra costs, as the technical conditions are already in place.

Finally, the CCE reminds that in the exposé of the 44th Government, transparency is highlighted as a guiding principle in almost all areas of the Government’s work. Therefore, it seems illogical for the Government sessions to be closed.

CCE expects the Government to seriously consider this initiative and respect the public’s right to know.

Nikola Mirković, Programme associate