Journalists devoted to the profession are the guarantee of the democratization of society

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) congratulates all journalists in Montenegro the Day of Journalists of Montenegro – 23 January, with the wish to improve their position, but also their commitment to the journalistic profession.

CCE states that journalists in Montenegro work in an environment that does not guarantee complete freedom of reporting, which has its reflection on the broader processes of democratization of society.

During 2023, CCE recorded 16 attacks/threats against journalists and media outlets. Of these, four attacks and threats were related to M portal, three to Vijesti, two each to TV E, Pobjeda and Gradska TV, and one on RTCG, TV Vijesti and Antena M.

 As a reminder, in 2022, CCE recorded 19 attacks and threats, and 21 in 2021.

CCE believes that, despite the decrease in the number of attacks and threats against journalists and media outlets, the competent institutions must establish mechanisms for urgent and non-selective treatment of all these cases. Also, it is important to remind that the murder of Duško Jovanović, editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Dan, remains unresolved.

Journalists are the backbone of all democratic societies, and, besides an undisturbed environment for work free from censorship and self-censorship, it is necessary to provide adequate earnings and regulated working hours. In addition, some local public broadcasters in the North and South of Montenegro lack basic equipment for daily functioning, making the job of those employed in these media significantly more challenging.

Only journalists dedicated to the profession and the Code of Journalists of Montenegro can objectively inform citizens, develop a critically oriented public opinion, which ultimately contributes to the necessary democratization and Europeanization of the entire Montenegrin society. This is the most effective way to strengthen the integrity of the journalistic profession.

Damir NIKOČEVIĆ, Development Director