Students must be proactive in the fight for their rights and a better society

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the occasion of Student Day, emphasizes the importance of developing critical thinking and activism among young people, particularly in the context of the potential carried by the student population, which unfortunately remains chronically marginalized in the Montenegrin context due to the lack of proactivity from students and the undervaluing of their position by decision-makers.

Passivity prevails among the student population in Montenegro, reflected in the absence of actions aimed at improving student status and broader qualitative changes. While part of the issues lies in education failing to promote a proactive and critically reasoned approach, but this is not an excuse for the youth’s lack of interest in socio-political events that shape their future.

CCE notes that one of the common characteristics of all authorities in Montenegro is their neglect of youth issues, which are increasingly absent from pre-election promises and practically nonexistent in policies definition and implementation concerning youth.

CCE also reminds that the long-awaited new Higher Education Law, supposed to address some also problems faced by students, has not yet reached the Government’s agenda, let alone in the Parliament. Systemic measures to support students during and after the educational process are lacking, as well as valid assessment of the effects of the Vocational Training Programme.

Montenegro needs educated young people who will be agents of change, but there are no measures to reduce the so-called “brain drain” nor precise data on how this phenomenon affects Montenegrin society.

Meanwhile, students remain silent, waiting for others to make decisions, which only reinforces their dependent position from which they cannot fully develop their potentials or invest them in the progress of the state of Montenegro. Even the generational change among politicians has not raised awareness of the capital within the student population, as young politicians primarily focus on personal and party interests.

Therefore, CCE calls on students to strongly advocate for their rights, be brave and persistent in their efforts, as their energy and knowledge are crucial for achieving changes that can truly make Montenegrin society democratic.

Student Day – 4 April, is marked in memory of the demonstrations organized in 1936, as a symbol of student energy and the fight for justice and freedom, in which Žarko Marinović, a law student, lost his life.

Itana Gogić, Project Assistant