Encouragement for a step in the right direction

We welcome Prime Minister Milojko Spajić’s stance that Montenegro should vote for the proposed UN resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica regardless of the outcome of the amendments the Government intends to propose. This is the only correct decision that principally directs Montenegro towards a secure future.

We understand that the Government does not want to co-sponsor the resolution and recommend it for adoption by other countries due to the pressure it faces from coalition partners and authorities in Serbia. However, we hope that this will happen by the time of the vote and that our country will thus join the former Yugoslav republics that strongly support this resolution as a pledge for lasting peace in the Balkans.

We regret that Montenegro is still under the shadow of the war politics of the 1990s, which inflicted too much evil and suffering due to aggressive nationalism, not only to Serbian people but also to others.

Finally, the initiative for Montenegro to co-sponsor the UN resolution has gathered an unprecedented number of supporters from Montenegrin civil society. This includes 109 non-governmental organizations and over 460 public figures, citizens who through this form of engagement, have made an active contribution and ensured that Montenegro acts correctly and humanely towards the victims of the most massive crime in Europe after World War II, for which we thank them.

Jovana Marović, Advisory Group Balkans in Europe (BiEPAG)
Dina Bajramspahić, Civic activist
Tea Gorjanc Prelević, Human Rights Action
Daliborka Uljarević, Centre for Civic Education
Ljupka Kovačević, Center for Women’s and Peace Education ANIMA
Maja Raičević, Women’s Rights Center
Milka Tadić Mijović, Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro
Milica Kovačević, Center for Democratic Transition
Zorana Marković, Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations
Velija Murić, Montenegrin Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights
Olivera Nikolić, Montenegrin Media Institute
Ivana Vujović, Juventas
Aida Perović, Prima
Jovan Ulićević, Spektra
Demir Ličina, Association “Štrpci – Against Forgetting”