EC Report also points out unconstitutional verdicts of misdemeanors judges

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) expresses satisfaction with the fact that the European Commission has acknowledged the arguments presented by the CCE, when it comes to problems in the implementation of the Law on Misdemeanors, including it in the annual Progress Report on Montenegro. The European Commission in its Progress Report for 2014 states: “Competence… »

Screening of the film Halima’s path

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with NGO Hyperion and NGO Clio, on Tuesday, 14 October 2014, at 11h00, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, present the film Halima’s path (Halimin put ), by Arsen Anton Ostojić. The film had its premiere in Montenegro at the Fast Forward Human Rights Film Festival 2013.… »

Torture of Aleksandar Pejanović must not remain unpunished

Aleksandar Pejanović, our fellow citizen, was brutally beaten twice by, according to information from the criminal trial, members of the special intervention police unit while in the police detention unit in Podgorica known as Betonjerka, between the 31 October and the 2 November of 2008. Court experts (three of them) recorded a combination of 19… »

Prime Minister still does not respect the Constitution of Montenegro

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) reminds that it has, back in 23 June 2014, issued an amended Initiative for dismissal of eight members of the Government of Montenegro in accordance with Article 105 of the Constitution of Montenegro which refers to the incompatibility of duties, and which gives to the Prime Minister Milo Đukanović a… »

The public has the right to know what and how the institutions work

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), on the occasion of the International Right to Know Day (29 September), recalls the importance of the full realization of this right as a powerful tool for fight against corruption and democratization of Montenegrin society. Civil servants must have developed awareness of responsibility towards citizens, and thus make their work… »

Establishment of RECOM Contributes to a Lasting Peace in the Balkans

Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Pristina, Banja Luka Podgorica, Skopje September 19, 2014 On the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 21, the Coalition for RECOM reminds that governments in the post-Yugoslav countries have an obligation to ensure peace, without fear of a new war breaking up or the repetition of war crimes. The… »