Neglect of the youth will come to collect

On the occasion of 12 August – International Youth Day – the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) warns that young people in Montenegro are too marginalized to be able to contribute to the development of society. If the youth policy in Montenegro is not improved as a priority, neglect of young people will come to… »

Parties mainly collected signatures for the presidential elections illegally, Radulović flees from surveillance for months

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) received information from the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information (AZLP) related to the conducted supervision of candidates for the last presidential elections. These supervisions were initiated by the CCE due to doubts about the legality of the collection of support signatures required to confirm the… »

The concept of gender equality is still unknown to many and lacks genuine political support

Persistently and systematically, women are discouraged from participating in politics, and the responsibility lies with the leadership of political parties and the patriarchal context, which demonstrates its belief system through hate speech and does not forgive women when they speak publicly and express their views, whether it is activism in politics, the civil sector, or… »

The State to sanction the glorification of Dragoljub “Draža” Mihalović

We condemn the public memorial service and the participation of representatives of the municipality of Nikšić in the memorial service organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) for the collaborationist Dragoljub “Draža” Mihailović, as well as a series of dangerous extremist and anti-civilization messages that were announced on that occasion. Any form of public glorification… »