Different paths – shared values

“The abuse of our diversities and their usage for raising tensions and provoking skirmishes, conflicts, quarrels between citizens are not European values. These are not Montenegrin values either. These are not values at all. It is cheap profiteering that causes loss to all citizens, no matter whose side they are on, how they are determined… »

Centralization of election and dismissal of school directors continues bad practice of the previous government

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) points out that the parliamentary debate on the proposed amendments to the General Law on Education, in terms of maintaining the provision that directors of educational institutions continue to be appointed by the Minister and not by school boards, unfortunately, indicated that the new governing structure does not want… »

Memory on the murdered freedom of speech

The murder of the CeO and Editor in chief of daily “Dan” Duško Jovanović has not been fully revealed even after 17 years. That crime remains an open wound of the domestic media scene but also warning to institutions to move from talk to walk and to enable professional investigative actions that will determine all… »

Announcement – M’BASE competition

The Centre for Civic Education (CCE) informs the public that, due to a large number of applications received within the Call for proposals for the support for projects of civil society organisations (CSOs) within the project “CSOs in Montenegro – from basic services to policy shaping – M’BASE”, a decision on the allocation of funds… »

Education – foundation for progressive Montenegro

Nowadays, education represents a key area for the advancement of democratic states. The extent of responsibility of decision-makers towards the state and the public interest is also the position towards education. The fact that it is now one of the four departments in the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, with accompanying personnel controversies… »

What kind of Montenegro do we need?

We are celebrating fifteen years since the renewal of independence without consensus on what kind of Montenegro we need. Society is deeply and tensions spark almost daily, in some form. This is accompanied by the burden brought by the health and economic crisis, which even more developed societies and more responsible political structures have a… »

For accessible and methodologically modern teaching of the cultural history of Montenegrin minorities

Centre for Civic Education (CCE), in cooperation with the History Teachers Association of Montenegro (HIPMONT), has publicised a new publication of supporting curriculum for teaching-subject History – “Wealth of Diversity – Cultural History of Minorities of Montenegro“. The publication consists of ten methodologically processed and piloted workshops that were selected within the call of the… »

In solidarity with the rights of the LGBTIQ persons

On the occasion of 17May – the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia – the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) calls on the competent institutions to enable exercising rights of the LGBTIQ persons prescribed by Law on Life Partnership of Persons of the Same-Sex and to put the LGBTIQ community amongst groups that are… »

Contemporary methodological approach for the wealth of diversity

Diversity is the link that should bind us, contribute to our better mutual conversance, enrich us, but never be the stumbling stone, is one of the messages of the three-day-long seminar “Wealth of diversity – cultural history of minorities in Montenegro”, which the Centre for Civic Education (CCE) and HIPMONT organised in Kolašin.