15 new workshops about the 90s

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) published a new publication of supporting teaching material for a social group of subjects with a focus on history teaching “Teaching Controversial History for Responsible Education – 15 Workshops”.

This publication, through fifteen prepared, piloted and applicable workshops, deals with various social aspects of the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the conflict of the 90s, both causes and consequences. Topics cover complex processes, from massive human rights violations, culturicides, migration and remembrance to the representation of war in popular culture.

CCE reminds that although lessons about the period 1991-2001 are present in our educational system for more than a decade, researches conducted with high school graduates, but also teachers, indicate that these topics are either not taught or only basic information is taught. Therefore, the goal was to create an accessible teaching tool that would be both a motivation and a reason for the greater involvement of teachers to deal with these topics.

The process of creating the material itself was extensive, and based on the methodology and experience of the coordinators, editors and the authors themselves. During the period of work on the material, an additional 15 teachers participated in the finalization of the workshops, and thus strengthening their capacities in the development of similar activities.

Different methodological approach to work on these workshops was marked by the inclusion of teachers from other subjects of the social group, primarily sociology and literature. They gave a new, fresh and extremely important view on these topics.

CCE expresses hope that through the work and promotion of these topics in the future the door will be opened for greater integration of sensitive and controversial topics, such as the most serious human rights violations and consequences of war in our education system. This is especially important because these are topics that are ignored, but deeply define both our internal and regional relations.

The editors of the publication are historians Miloš Vukanović and Igor Radulović, and authors are: Marija Vujošević, Lazar Aranitović, Vukadin Nišavić, Filip Kuzman, Tatjana Šaletić, MA Vesna Kovačević, Violeta Stojkanović, Ljubica Vučinić, Ljiljana Bajčetić, Rade Vujović, Radomir Radonjić, Miloš Mrvaljević, Ana Vukosavović Ćetković, Milosava Mrdak Mitrović, and Zvezdana Lakić.

The publication is part of the activities of the project “Teaching Controversial History for Responsible Education”, conducted by the CCE, supported by the Regional War Crimes Project (RWC), implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with the support of the UK Government.

Miloš Vukanović, Advisor