Gender equality practicum for primary and secondary school teachers

Centre for Civic Education (CCE) published a practicum LET’S FAST FORWARD GENDER EQUALITY prepared by Svetlana Jovetić Koprivica and Miroslav Minić. The practicum is intended for teaching staff in primary and secondary schools, but also for other professionals in education, to help them devise work with young people in teaching within the part concerning raising awareness and knowledge, or adopting the value of gender equality.

Professionals in formal education system have a special responsibility since this system has the largest coverage of young people who need to be formed into individuals who understand and promote the values of gender equality, as one of the key to the progress of society. This additional teaching material offers 10 simple and easily applicable solutions/workshops that can be implemented in classrooms, and which will interest students, but also inspire teachers.

Practicum is a voice that teachers need to hear to reach children and young people in schools. It is designed, as its name suggests, as an appropriate and practical approach to teaching practice. Its content is adapted to the different ages of students, does not require special training of teachers, and aims to support awareness of the importance of gender equality. In ten steps, it is possible to achieve the desired “fast forward” and suggest the importance of the distinction between gender and sex, the application of gender-sensitive language, and acceptance of diversity. In the spirit of the desired equality of all and always, we share this content with our colleagues, and we thank the Centre for Civic Education for this opportunity”, said Svetlana Jovetić Koprivica.

“Working on this practicum, I had the feeling that we are working for the benefit of young people who will be enabled by teachers to realize the importance of equality and the consequences suffered by disadvantaged beings in any society, at any time. A school is a place where awareness changes and develops, where young people need to feel safe and encouraged to be what they are, where they learn to accept and appreciate all the differences in other people. As a professor, but also as someone who fights for human rights, I was inspired by this idea because I work with young people who will create the future. I am sure that such efforts are important, and the outcomes we want to achieve are worth the effort. It was a pleasure and a challenge to bring the reality closer to the students by encouraging them to take personal responsibility in creating social opportunities“, stressed Miro Minić.

The practicum will be presented to high school teachers at a one-day workshop in which they will have the opportunity to practice teaching and preparation for the class on topics related to gender equality with the support of professional staff. Also, the practicum will soon be translated into the Albanian language.

This practicum is published within the project Let’s FAST FORWARD gender equality (phase II) – from stereotyping to equality!  implemented with the support by the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights.

Maja Marinović, Programme Associate